System enables cancer patients to access treatment faster

Hundreds of cancer patients in the Greater Auckland region will be able to start their radiation treatment days sooner thanks to the introduction of an innovative planning system called RayStation® at leading radiation therapy centre, Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO).

ARO is the first clinic in Australasia to implement the state of the art RayStation® system which enables staff to create radiation treatments with the highest precision tailored to an individual patient's needs.

RayStation provides much faster calculation times for the complicated range of optimised treatment plans we produce to suit our patients' needs. This will allow us to reduce the time from diagnosis to treatment by several days, explains Dr Bon Mzenda, ARO's chief physicist.

Dr Mzenda adds that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be an anxious time for patients and most want to start their radiation therapy as quickly as possible.

To read full release, download PDF.

Raystation press release

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