Gafchromic Film workshop at ARO

Dr Lewis (B.Sc., Ph.D.) has more than thirty years' experience in the fields of imaging science and solid state chemistry. He has focused on the development and practical application of radiation sensitive materials resulting in novel uses in silver halide photography, electron beam lithography, dielectric imaging and data storage, electron beam recording and radiochromic films and media for radiation dosimetry. His work has been documented in more than 40 patents and a broad range of scientific publications. After retiring as General Manager of the Advanced Materials Group he became Senior Science Fellow with a mission to make radiochromic film and film dosimetry more accurate and convenient for users worldwide.
Following the morning workshop, Dr Lewis will present a clinical case study on best-practice in exposing and analysing Gafchromic films.
Auckland Radiation Oncology is pleased to host Dr Lewis, along with Physics colleagues from the North Island of New Zealand.

Radiochromic Film and Dosimetry Workshop Agenda

Example application of EBT3 film in RayStation treatment planning system commissioning: 14x14cm Applicator,12MeV electron field: Film vs TPS, Gamma 99.6% at 3%/3mm
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