Robotic image-guided reirradiation of lateral pelvic recurrences

This research article from the Radiation Oncology Journal is recommended reading by Dr Anthony Falkov, for patients and specialists alike.

While the research article talks specifically about the CyberKnife system, Auckland Radiation Oncology is able to carry out similar highly advanced stereotactic radiation therapy using Elekta Synergy for IMRT and IGRT. The Elekta Synergy System was the first linear accelerator to bring 3D image guidance into the treatment set up process

Image: Dosimetry for pelvic stereotactic radiotherapy by CyberKnife. Prescription to the 80% isodose line covering 95% of the PTV.

Abstract: "Pelvic stereotactic radiotherapy represents an attractive alternative for patients otherwise not treatable. Robotic IGRT is now equipped with technology capable of delivering ablative doses of radiation to clinical targets with high conformality and homogeneity. This may result in a more durable response of pelvic recurrences in patients who have already received a dose of pelvic irradiation and whose tumors are not amenable to surgery."

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