Oligometastasis: a Curative Subset of Metastatic Disease

An exciting piece of research highlighting the clinical use of steretactic radiation therapy in the treatment of metastatic disease. Auckland Radiation Oncology is one of the few private radiation therapy treatment centres New Zealand, able to offer this potentially locally curative treatment.

"One of the most promising treatments for oligometastasis is SBRT, which offers greater precision and allows much higher doses to limited target volumes than previous radiation delivery technologies. In an initial study of the safety and effectiveness of metastasis-directed SBRT for multisite extracranial oligometastases, we reported progression-free survival rates of 33.3% and 22.0% at the one and two year marks. The overall survival rate was 81.5% and 56.7% at the one and two year mark. Of the patients whose tumors did progress, 72% did so in limited (1-3) metastatic sites."

To read the full research article from the University of Chicago, Ludwig Centre, click here: http://www.ludwigcenter.sites.uchicago.edu

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