Modeling and dosimetric performance evaluation of the RayStation treatment planning system

A systematic beam modeling process and rigorous dosimetric evaluation, applying sensitive dose metrics, suitably chosen measurement systems, and tighter tolerances, has been applied to the RayStation TPS. Demonstrably equivalent plan quality to Pinnacle has been attained, whilst point-dose differences, gamma indices, and 3D dose correlations to 3DVH show no noticeable systematic dosimetric errors. The RayStation TPS has been tested in challenging geometries, as well as in some complex clinical applications, and its overall performance has been found to be satisfactory.

The physics modeling, dose calculation accuracy and plan quality assessment of the RayStation (v3.5) treatment planning system (TPS) is presented in this study, with appropriate comparisons to the more established Pinnacle (v9.2) TPS.

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JACMP RayStation Paper

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