January 2015

Psychological Stress and Cancer Risk

Stress can play havoc with your health, but emotional and social support can help patients learn to cope with psychological stress. Such support can reduce levels of depression, anxiety, and disease- and treatment-related symptoms among patients. 

Stereotactic body radiation therapy plus chemotherapy improves survival

A clinical trial that combined stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) with a specific chemotherapy regimen more than doubled survival rates for certain patients with stage 4 lung cancer, according to a new report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 

Aerobic exercise reduces fatigue women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer

An aerobic exercise program can reduce fatigue in women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer

Less alcohol and plant-based diet can decrease obesity-related cancer risk

Dietary advice on preventing cancer should emphasize the importance of eating a plant-based diet and restricting alcohol consumption.

Breath Hold Technique Beneficial in Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Active Breathing Coordinator was well tolerated and significantly reduced Mean Heart Dose while preserving local control

Hair Dyes and Cancer Risk

A new fact sheet from Oncology Nurse Advisor explores the relationship between use of hair coloring products and possible cancer risk.
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