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Providing a Safe Patient Environment

At Auckland Radiation Oncology, our goal is to provide the best possible care for our patients. We know having radiation therapy treatment is often an emotionally and physically challenging time for our patients and their loved ones.


ARO Supports World Cancer Day 2017

Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO) is proud to support the Annual World Cancer Day on 4 February. The sentiment of this 3 year worldwide campaign “We Can, I Can” aligns with the values of our staff and specialists to ensure access to, and delivery of quality patient care at ARO.



Prostate Cancer Precise Detection and Staging Insight by Dr Benji Benjamin

PSMA is an enzyme found in abundance on the cell surface of prostate cancer cells. Until recently patients newly diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer or patients where the prostate cancer has returned or metastasised would generally undergo a range of scans such as CT, bone and MRI to detect and stage prostate cancer.



Dr. Benjamin Inducted into Hall of Fame

Dr. Benjamin, clinical director Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO) was inducted into the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame on 23 June 2016. The award was presented by Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand and recognizes Dr. Benjamin's outstanding contribution to medicine and the community. The Hall of Fame is a platform for acknowledging and celebrating the success of Kiwi-Indians.


Melanoma month: A call to check your skin

It’s melanoma March this month and the Melanoma March National Appeal is kicking off with 'A call to check your skin'. Melanoma New Zealand’s goal is to get Kiwis, who have the highest melanoma rates in the world, to be proactive in looking out for the early signs of this deadly skin cancer. Over 4000 New Zealanders are diagnosed each year with melanoma. Around 300 New Zealanders die of melanoma every year.



ARO Physics Team Attracts Top Talent

ARO has attracted internationally experienced and highly qualified medical phyicists to be part of their Physics Team.

The physics team has a critical role to ensure radiation safety and protection for our patients, staff and the general public. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing new treatment techniques and commissioning the new technologies to deliver the most effect treatment to deliver the best patient experience. 


New Radiation Oncologist boosts skin and lung radiation capabilities

Dr Arunachalam has recently joined ARO as a Radiation Oncologist Consultant. His specialties include lung, skin, sarcoma, as well as Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy, Non-malignant and Palliative cases. He is an enthusiastic, passionate and caring Radiation Oncologist who works at Auckland City Hospital. 


Next Elekta 4D Advanced IGRT and Clinical Training Course

The next Elekta 4D Advanced IGRT and Clinical Training Course will be hosted and led by Auckland Radiation Oncology on 19th and 20th June 2015. 



Gene may explain why pancreatic cancer is so aggressive

Pancreatic cancer is set to become the second leading cause of cancer death in the US by 2030, but a new study reveals a new molecular target for therapy.



Sitting increases disease risk and exercise may not reduce it

Although it is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle brings bad health, the extent to which this may be mediated by regular exercise was less well known, until now...



Dual Screening for Head and Neck and Lung Cancer

Adding head and neck cancer screenings to recommended lung cancer screenings would likely improve early detection and survival, according to a multidisciplinary team led by scientists affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), a partner with UPMC CancerCenter.



Coping with Cancer-Related Weight Changes and Muscle Loss

Along with taking any medicines your doctor prescribes, there are many things you can do to help your body stay strong while undergoing treatment for cancer...



Psychological Stress and Cancer Risk

Stress can play havoc with your health, but emotional and social support can help patients learn to cope with psychological stress. Such support can reduce levels of depression, anxiety, and disease- and treatment-related symptoms among patients. 


Stereotactic body radiation therapy plus chemotherapy improves survival

A clinical trial that combined stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) with a specific chemotherapy regimen more than doubled survival rates for certain patients with stage 4 lung cancer, according to a new report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 



Less alcohol and plant-based diet can decrease obesity-related cancer risk

Dietary advice on preventing cancer should emphasize the importance of eating a plant-based diet and restricting alcohol consumption.



Hair Dyes and Cancer Risk

A new fact sheet from Oncology Nurse Advisor explores the relationship between use of hair coloring products and possible cancer risk.



Prolonged TV watching may lower colorectal cancer survival chances

Minimizing television viewing, to less than two hours per day, and increasing exercise, to four-plus hours per week, were associated with lower mortality risk among colorectal cancer survivors



Even With a Little Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Is Still A Healthier Choice

A new study finds that even if you do add a few kilos once you quit smoking, your post-cigarette health is still much better than if you'd kept on smoking.



Physical Activity and Cancer Risk

New studies are exploring the role of physical activity in cancer survivorship and quality of life, cancer risk, and the needs of populations at increased risk... Read on to find the links between physical activity and cancer



Exercise boosts tumor-fighting ability of chemotherapy

A new article on Oncology Nurse Advisor suggests that combining exercise with chemotherapy shrunk tumors more than chemotherapy alone



Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

Find out why cancer researchers are studying a possible connection between vitamin D and cancer risk



ARO selected as Australasian Training Site for Symmetry

Auckland Radiation Oncology selected as Australasian training site for Elekta Advanced Symmetry™4D IGRT Clinical Training Course



Yoga boosts quality of life and helps reduce radiation therapy side effects

Yoga improves the quality of life of women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer better than the use of simple stretching exercises alone, according to a study published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. It also appears to control patients' cortisol levels, which can lead to better outcomes.


Radiotherapy An Underrated Cancer Tool

In the United Kingdom, a high-level governmental pledge that guaranteed radiotherapy to all cancer patients who needed it has fallen short of expectations, a new report acknowledges.



Gafchromic Film workshop at ARO

Dr DAVID F. LEWIS will be presenting a Radiochromic Film and Dosimetry Workshop at Auckland Radiation Oncology, on 17th March 2014 from 10am - 1pm.



Skin reactions during radiation therapy preventable

Auckland Radiation Oncology has recently participated in research with the University of Otago, with regard to the prevention of severe skin reactions during radiation therapy by applying a thin transparent silicone dressing to the skin from the first day of treatment.


Radiation treatment improves survival for adults with a slow-growing type of brain tumor

Adults with low-grade gliomas, a form of brain tumor, who received chemotherapy following completion of radiation therapy lived longer than patients who received radiation therapy alone, according to long-term follow-up results from a NIH-supported randomized controlled clinical trial. Low-grade gliomas have a more indolent or slower growing behavior and better outcome compared to the more common high-grade gliomas such as glioblastoma



World Cancer Day 2014 - 3 News interview

Talking about the 'C' word - World Cancer Day February 4th 2014




ARO becomes Reference Site for RaySearch

Auckland Radiation Oncology has been designated as the first reference site in the Southern Hemisphere for RaySearch’s RayStation planning system.



New radiation therapy shows promise in lung cancer

Aiming powerful beams of radiation precisely at tumors helped control their growth and helped people with early stage but inoperable lung cancer live longer



World Cancer Day 2014

World Cancer Day aims to dispel the myths that surround the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.



Alcohol and Cancer Risk

Is it safe for a patient undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to drink alcohol?


System enables cancer patients to access treatment faster

Hundreds of cancer patients in the Greater Auckland region will be able to start their radiation treatment days sooner thanks to the introduction of an innovative planning system called RayStation® at leading radiation therapy centre, Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO). 


Broadcaster Angela D’Audney’s cancer treatment wish now a reality

Cancer patients will soon benefit from the first radiotherapy programme of its kind to arrive in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s first private radiation therapy centre, Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO), is introducing a Stereotactic Radiotherapy programme using 4-D Image Guidance and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). 


ARO finishes in top ten in JRA Best Workplaces Awards

ARO is proud to announce it's success in the JRA Best Workplaces Awards 2011, finishing in the top ten in the small business category at the awards ceremony held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland on Thursday 17 November.  This is ARO's third consecutive year as a finalist and is another great milestone for the organisation.