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Breath Hold Technique Beneficial in Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Active Breathing Coordinator was well tolerated and significantly reduced Mean Heart Dose while preserving local control



Yoga boosts quality of life and helps reduce radiation therapy side effects

Yoga improves the quality of life of women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer better than the use of simple stretching exercises alone, according to a study published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. It also appears to control patients' cortisol levels, which can lead to better outcomes.



Skin reactions during radiation therapy preventable

Auckland Radiation Oncology has recently participated in research with the University of Otago, with regard to the prevention of severe skin reactions during radiation therapy by applying a thin transparent silicone dressing to the skin from the first day of treatment.



Alcohol and Cancer Risk

Is it safe for a patient undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to drink alcohol?