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Sitting increases disease risk and exercise may not reduce it

Although it is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle brings bad health, the extent to which this may be mediated by regular exercise was less well known, until now...



Aerobic exercise reduces fatigue women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer

An aerobic exercise program can reduce fatigue in women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer



Prolonged TV watching may lower colorectal cancer survival chances

Minimizing television viewing, to less than two hours per day, and increasing exercise, to four-plus hours per week, were associated with lower mortality risk among colorectal cancer survivors



Physical Activity and Cancer Risk

New studies are exploring the role of physical activity in cancer survivorship and quality of life, cancer risk, and the needs of populations at increased risk... Read on to find the links between physical activity and cancer



Exercise boosts tumor-fighting ability of chemotherapy

A new article on Oncology Nurse Advisor suggests that combining exercise with chemotherapy shrunk tumors more than chemotherapy alone