Put your patient at the centre of what we do

If a patient under your care has been diagnosed with cancer, you will want to refer them to a team that will strive to give the patient the best experience and care possible.

Primary care physicians are able to refer directly to a Radiation Oncologist including for palliative radiation treatment.
Our consultants regularly attend Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDMs), which means that our Radiation Oncologists work closely with specialists ranging from surgeons to medical oncologists reviewing specific cases and discussing treatment options, to ensure that every patient’s care is aligned.
Patients can usually be seen by an ARO consultant within a week of referral, depending on consultant availability and there are no waiting times for a simulation CT scan or to start treatment once a treatment plan has been decided.
Radiation therapy is evolving rapidly, with ground breaking techniques like Stereotactic Radiation Therapy increasingly becoming standard care for many cancers like tumours in the lung, liver and pancreas or secondary brain tumours. ARO is able to offer this innovative treatment which may be more applicable to a broader range of cancers and reduces treatment time to days instead of weeks.
ARO consultant profiles with their full detail and specialisations are listed on our website but for more information please contact our Specialist Centre bookings team
* Patients should contact their healthcare insurer with regard to policy entitlement.

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