Prostate Cancer Precise Detection and Staging Insight by Dr Benji Benjamin

PSMA is an enzyme found in abundance on the cell surface of prostate cancer cells. Until recently patients newly diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer or patients where the prostate cancer has returned or metastasised would generally undergo a range of scans such as CT, bone and MRI to detect and stage prostate cancer.

"Now, patients can undergo one scan – a PSMA PET scan, currently available only at Mercy PET/CT in this country. It is superior to any other scan to precisely detect, stage and determine the treatment plan for prostate cancer," says Dr Benji Benjamin, Radiation Oncologist and Clinical Director Auckland Radiation Oncology(ARO).

"It may also be useful before major surgery for prostate cancer, as the cancer may have spread to other areas of the body reducing the effectiveness of surgery. 
Alternatively it is also useful after radical surgery for planning radiation treatment as the cancer can sometimes be found in the prostate bed, lymph glands and/or bone," adds Dr Benjamin.

From a patient perspective, by being precise with the diagnosis, we can be precise in treating the right areas, zooming down to the area of involvement so the field will be smaller, the side effects less with a better outcome.

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Understanding prostate cancer

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