Glossary of Terms

You may come across many unfamiliar words and terms while you are being treated at Auckland Radiation Oncology. Sometimes, we abbreviate several words by using the first letter of each word. Please find below some of the common abbreviations used.

4D CT Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography
ABCActive Breathing Co-ordinator
CTComputed Tomography scan 
IGRTImage Guided Radiation Treatment
IMRTIntensity Modulated Radiation Therapy 
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
PETPositron Emission Topography 
PSMA Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen
RORadiation Oncologist 
RTRadiation Therapist
RNRegistered Nurse
SABRStereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
SBRTStereotactic Body Radiation Therapy 
SRTStereotactic Radiation Therapy 
VMATVolumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

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