ARO Introduces Advanced Radiotherapy CT Scanning for Enhanced Patient Care

Tue Sept. 5th 2023

Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO) is taking another step forward in patient care this week with the introduction of the very latest in CT scanning technology. The new Canon Aquilion Exceed Large Bore CT scanner is the first of its' kind to be installed in Australasia, and is housed in a new suite offering an exceptional patient experience.

Our new CT scanner uses the latest in AI technologies to provide outstanding image quality, allowing our medical professionals to locate the treatment area within a patient with a high level of precision. This allows us to better tailor each treatment to the specific anatomy of our patients so that we can target the tumour whilst reducing the risk to surrounding healthy tissue.

Dr Ian Hanson, Chief Physicist at ARO, expressed his enthusiasm for this new technology, stating, "This new CT scanner equips our healthcare professionals with tools that will enable more accurate treatment planning, which ultimately supports improved patient outcomes."

The CT scanner has been housed in a redeveloped suite designed to make patients feel more at ease during the scanning process. A supportive and calming environment has been created where patients are surrounded by backlit images of blue skies and Auckland harbour views.

This development reaffirms ARO's commitment to innovation in healthcare. As the medical community continues to advance patient care, ARO remains at the forefront, leveraging technology to benefit patients.

ARO Introduces Advanced Radiotherapy CT Scanning for Enhanced Patient Care