About ARO

Auckland Radiation Oncology is a joint venture, owned and operated by MercyAscot and Southern Cross Healthcare.

Established in 2008 as the first private radiation therapy treatment centre in New Zealand, Auckland Radiation Oncology treats 70-100 patients daily requiring radiation therapy, from its purpose-built treatment centre in Epsom, Auckland.

With an international reputation for being at the forefront of radiation therapy cancer treatment, Auckland Radiation Oncology offers patients a choice of leading-edge radiation therapy aimed directly at improving cancer treatment outcomes and quality of life.

When you’re living with cancer, having people you trust can make a huge difference – to your prognosis and to your well being. That’s why the team at ARO takes the time to get to know you as an individual, not just as a medical case. It means you’ll truly understand your options and be involved wherever possible in decisions about your treatment and care.

Our multidisciplinary radiation oncology team and partners are at the forefront of the industry. They’re dedicated to better outcomes and a better quality of life for every patient.

The calm, discreet and modern environment at ARO is intended to make your treatment journey as easy as possible.

We do this by making sure you’re treated like a person, not just a patient. Your consultant will personally oversee every step of your care. The staff performing your radiation therapy will make sure your concerns and questions are answered and that you’re made to feel as comfortable as possible.

The facility is set up so you can usually see an ARO consultant within a week of being referred. There are also no waiting times for a simulation CT scan and you’ll be able to get started right away once your treatment plan has been agreed.

For more information, download our patient information guide.

To learn more about the ARO vision and values please view the video below

Our world-class team

You’ll receive world-leading treatment at ARO, with the best in diagnostic techniques, technologies and treatment plans based on international best practice. We’re continually researching and updating our knowledge and equipment to ensure you always receive the best treatment.

Headed by Dr Chelleraj (Benji) Benjamin, Clinical Director, the highly qualified team at ARO is led by Kate McLellan.

Every member of staff has been hand-picked because of their commitment to patient-focussed care and skill in their particular specialisation.

The specialists at ARO are amongst the best in their field and practise in clinics and hospitals around the North Island. Combining their expertise means we can offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to cancer radiation treatment.

Our consultants regularly participate in Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDMs). This means our radiation oncology consultants understand how best to work with your other specialists so your treatment is absolutely aligned.

Our commitment to you

  • You will be welcomed as an individual, by a team that recognises that you have your own special needs and concerns.We’ll endeavour to provide you with a treatment plan that fits with your schedule.
  • All of your treatments will be delivered in a welcoming, discreet and caring environment.
  • Every aspect of your treatment will be given to the highest standard of clinical skill, from a team including experienced radiation oncologists (RO), radiation therapists (RT) and physicists who constantly strive to exceed expectations.
  • We have patient care specialists (registered nurses and radiation therapists) on site that will address any concerns you may have about the side-effects of radiation therapy, and they are available throughout the treatment process.
  • Dietetic support is also provided to those patients who require it.
  • The emotional and psychological effects of cancer can be overwhelming. Please contact us if you would like support from trained professionals. 

Continuous investment and growth