Lung cancers are tumours that usually first appear in the lining of the bronchi or bronchioles. These are the small tubes in the lungs that breath passes through. As the tumours enlarge they can block off the bronchi and make breathing difficult. They commonly spread into the local lymph nodes and occasionally the chest wall. This reduces the airways capacity leading to shortness of breath and coughing.

What to expect before, during, and after radiotherapy treatment:

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Most forms of lung cancer will spread, most often into the local lymph nodes and occasionally the chest wall. 

Two common kinds of lung cancer can grow so fast that they often spread to other parts of the body before they can be found and treated. These kinds of cancers make up almost one third of all cases. Some forms grow slowly, and can often be found and treated before they spread outside the lungs. Some rarely spread at all, but those make up a very small portion of all lung cancer cases. 

 All types of lung cancer are aggravated by smoking and make treatment more difficult. 

The Cancer Society is a valuable resource for lung cancer patients